As Sultanahmet Suites, we are aware that sustainability efforts in tourism minimize the negative effects on environmental and cultural heritage and the responsibilities brought by sustainable tourism. We strive to leave a better world for future generations. In this regard, we continue our work on many issues within the concept of sustainability, such as reducing environmental impacts, energy, water and waste management, protecting cultural and social heritage, providing economic and social benefits to the local people and protecting the environment. In today's world, where the importance of climate change and global warming is felt more and more every day, we aim to fulfill our responsibilities in the best way possible, and we strive to ensure that environmental awareness is adopted by our employees. We aim to increase our success day by day by focusing on effectively managing sustainability risks and ensuring sustainable growth with long-term strategies.

Our guests are our reason for existence. We believe that we can increase our competitiveness by ensuring guest satisfaction and thus achieve much better positions in the markets in which we operate. Our primary duty is to follow up on our guests' complaints, inform them about the issue, and turn their complaints into opportunities by resolving them. We are aware that our energy resources are limited, we monitor our consumption data to support less energy and water consumption, we raise the awareness of our employees, and we work to ensure continuous improvement of energy efficiency. In order not to harm the environment, we evaluate our waste and hazardous waste within the framework of recycling principles in a way that does not pollute the nature.

We are aware of our contribution to the local economy, so we make most of our supplies from local producers. For sustainable tourism, we purchase environmentally friendly products and services with high energy, water and waste efficiency.

We carry out the necessary controls and take precautions to prevent and eliminate hazardous environments that may cause accidents and diseases and environmental pollution resulting from our activities. v We train our employees and ensure their participation.

In order to be respected in the world, we respect the environment and people. We aim to control the amount of water, electricity, energy, chemical and solid waste, and to minimize the damage to the environment and natural resources, without compromising the comfort of our guests. With the measures we have taken in light of sustainable tourism principles, the use of natural resources has been reduced and practices have been updated to minimize and, if possible, eliminate the damage to soil, water and air.

Our staff is given informative training on the importance of waste separation, and waste separation is monitored by the relevant departments.

We provide sorting boxes to our guests to enable them to separate their waste in public areas and guest rooms. We provide information about the Waste Management System we implement in our hotels and encourage them to reduce the amount of waste and separate the resulting waste.

Cleaning with environmental consideration means being able to clean hygienically and at the same time having as little negative impact on health and the environment as possible. Damages to the environment can be minimized not only by using environmentally friendly cleaning products, but also by using these products economically and adjusting their dosage well. In this way, the total harm of chemicals to the environment can be significantly reduced. Our laundry is washed by an external company that our hotel has a contract with. Thanks to this application, we reduce our chemical consumption. In our facility, first of all, values related to energy use are monitored daily and problems are intervened on a daily basis. Departments where excess consumption occurs are identified and possible savings areas are identified. v Low consumption equipment and systems are preferred. v Long-term improvement is achieved by using automation management and monitoring resources. v Energy savings are constantly analyzed through maintenance, surveillance and monitoring. In our hotel, energy-saving lighting or LED lighting is used instead of incandescent bulbs in all rooms and general areas to save energy and reduce the amount of hazardous waste. We reduce the electricity consumption caused by washing / drying / transfer by changing the linen materials in the rooms of our guests who do not request it every other day. In addition to low-flow special taps and shower heads, we prevent unnecessary water use by using photocell or timed taps, showers and urinals. Towels and sheets are changed in the rooms in line with guest requests, and guests are informed about this. If the guest does not request it, changes are made every two days.

In order to reduce our paper consumption, we make our correspondence and announcements via e-mail whenever possible. Updates made to documents can be announced through our quality network through the document software we use. Documents that need to be recorded according to our management systems and legal standards are created electronically, if possible, and stored on the computer.

Sultanahmet Suites is not suitable for disabled guests.